Say Goodbye to Finder’s Fees by Using Placement Services

When searching for the right individual to fill new positions, many firms will turn to a recruitment agency for assistance. Typically, the agency will charge a finders fee equal to 20%-25% of the position’s annual salary. Instead of paying that upfront fee, wouldn’t it be valuable to vet a potential full-time candidate in the position for six months to make sure they were the right fit? You can, with Creative Options Placement Services

Creative Options Placement Service provides your company with many advantages and cost savings:

1) Eliminates the recruitment fee if the consultant works six months before being hired full-time. This can be a savings of $25K or more to your company.

2) Creative Options has access to the same talent as large staffing companies. We provide the same qualified candidate without the finder’s fee.

3) Allows your company six months to assess if an individual is the right fit for your organization before making a full-time employment commitment.

4) Eliminates corrective action and HR labor costs if it turns out that a candidate is not a good fit.

5) Reduces your company’s benefits costs during the six-month trial period.

6) The Creative Options Placement Service is transparent in terms of cost. For example: if you have budgeted $50K for a full time person over the next 6 month, you can reallocate those dollars to an outside services line item. These funds will be used to pay for the consultant’s salary and Creative Options Placement Service. There are no incremental costs to your company to use our Placement Service.

With the changing marketplace, more companies are utilizing Placement Services as a cost effective alternative to hiring. Call us today at 703-294-4800 to discuss how we can work with you to find the right candidate for your next job opening.

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