MBNA’s core values live on through Creative Options’ Adopt a Road Commitment

I was fortunate to work for MBNA America for 18 years and the impact of the company’s values have continued to inspire me throughout my career. One of the core values of MBNA was the principle that together, all of us can make a difference in the world through community outreach by helping others who are less fortunate. It’s been 12 years since I left MBNA, but the values and spirit of the company live on within me and have transitioned to my role as President of Creative Options.

Adopt a Road CODC Jan 2018

Paul Loftus with his children on Whites Ferry Road after an afternoon of clean up for Creative Options’ Adopt a Road program.

One of the community initiatives that Creative Options is committed to is the Adopt a Road program. We volunteer to take care of Whites Ferry Road right outside of Poolesville, which is very close to my family’s home. Last weekend, I spent the afternoon with my children doing our part to beautify the countryside. It was a wonderful experience that I was proud to share with my entire family. It’s my hope that this commitment to making a difference, first instilled in me at MBNA, will continue to be embraced by future generations.