Creative Options is a woman-owned firm with over 30 years of experience in providing government staffing solutions. We take the time to understand the expectations of our clients’ culture, goals, and mission to provide timely and effective solutions. We carefully dissect the statement of work and ask follow-up questions to ensure we fully understand the requirements, background, and skills required to perform the job. Creative Options constant candidate sourcing and knowledge of government staffing requirements allows us to maintain a qualified pipeline of talent. We understand the time, resources and investment required to source, screen, place, and manage employees. Creative Option’s screening process includes a detailed resume review, phone screen, in-person interview, reference check, and a background check.

Creative Options resources provide the added support you need when surge hiring requirements occur. These situations demand a staffing agency that truly understands your business and can provide a quick and accurate turn-around. By choosing Creative Options, you are choosing an agency with extensive government staffing experience, a solid foundation, and knowledge of federal government policies and procedures. We are accountable for our business practices and open to working with you to achieve your goals and fulfill your mission. Creative Options employs temporary staff with a wide range of skills.

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Payroll Services
Creative Options can handle payroll services for any consultant you may have. We will generate a paycheck each week, pay taxes and at the end of year provide the required W-2 or 1099 tax documentation. Our clients find this to be an excellent service:

  • Identify a good fit for their organization prior to hiring
  • Need to hire a recent retiree for their subject matter expertise on a short term basis

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Creative Options Capability Statement Commerical December 2023

GSA Schedul GS-07F-406AA

Schedule 541 – Advertising & Integrated Marketing Services (AIMS)Small Business DUNS: 62-065-4244 Cage 3SRJ9
GSA#: GS-07F-406AA
Schedule – Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing (TAPS)Small Business DUNS: 62-065-4244 Cage 3SRJ9
GSA#: GS-07F-0532T