Placement Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to see how a candidate performs in a role before committing to hiring them full time? With Creative Options Placement Services you can.

Plus –  hiring temporary staffing can save you up to 40% of the position’s salary!  No Benefits. No Facility Cost. No Corrective Action To Remove Full Time Staff.

Let’s Get Started

The Creative Options Placement Services Program allows you to vet a potential employee over a six-month trial period. During this time, an individual would work through Creative Options as a consultant in their full time role supporting your organization. This program gives you the opportunity to evaluate many important abilities such as working well under pressure, interacting with different levels of management, multi-tasking, and blending and contributing to your current team.

Creative Options can handle placement services for any consultant you may have. We will generate a paycheck each week, pay taxes and at the end of year provide the required W-2 or 1099 tax documentation.

Our clients find this to be an excellent service the need to:

  • Identify a good fit for their organization prior to hiring
  • Hire a recent retiree for their subject matter expertise on a short term basis

There are many placement services to choose from, call us today to discuss.  703-294-4800

Creative Options provides recruiting services throughout the continental U.S. and has placed professionals with firms in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, New Mexico and the mid-Atlantic region, including Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.