7 Great Reasons to Hire a Contract Employee

When you find yourself faced with the loss of a critical team member, how do you go about finding a replacement?  How about when you have an important project that requires specialized skills that no one on your existing team has?  If you have been on the fence about hiring a contract employee for support in either situation, we think it’s time you reconsidered. 

Contract and temporary employees can fill an important role on your team and here are seven great reasons or benefits to hiring one.

  1. It will help you address short-term spikes in volume. Many businesses experience seasonal peaks and hiring full-time employees usually don’t make financial sense.  A contractor can support your team when you need it most.
  2. You can evaluate an individual’s performance in the role without having to make a permanent full-time commitment. In addition to observing their technical skills, you will see how well an individual is suited for your team’s dynamics and company’s culture.
  3. A young and/or fresh approach can reenergize an older or established team. We can sometimes get stuck facing challenges with the same strategy over and over. New ideas from an outside source can take your team out of a stale environment.
  4. Launch new products or departments with a subject matter expert. When the expertise can’t be found within your organization, bring someone in who already has it.  This can be the difference between a mediocre and record-breaking implementation.
  5. Take a load off your team. From time to time, you may have a special project that needs to be completed. If you are up against a tight deadline or simply don’t have the resources, a contract employee can be a lifesaver.
  6. Temporarily replace an important team member. Life brings all sorts of surprises that may require one of your regular team members to need time off. A contractor can fill in while someone is on leave for maternity, family medical situations, or a health related absence.
  7. It will save you money. Hiring a full-time employee is expensive. It can sometimes be several months to find the right person. As the search continues so does the cost associated with placing ads and interviewing applicants.  Not to mention the savings you gain from not having to pay benefits.

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