Breaking Through the Clutter in the IT Staffing World

One of the most competitive job markets in the world today is IT.  Every type of business requires technology specialists, from nation-wide corporations to local small businesses. Here in the Washington DC metro, companies that specialize in the tech space are constantly looking to fill critical job roles, often with a very specific set of expertise.  While there’s no shortage of talented individuals to fill them, finding an IT professional that has both the technical expertise and outstanding communication skills can be quite a challenge. Human Resource Directors and hiring managers often find themselves faced with piles of qualified resumes, but find that few or none are a good fit for their organization.

What are the solutions to this predicament? 

Work with a recruiting firm who can help you find the best professional for your team.
At Creative Options of DC we have a vetting process that allows us to identify people that have the right technical knowledge along with oral and written communication skills to be a successful member of your project team. We understand that your ideal candidate needs to be able to adapt quickly to change in a fast paced workplace, handle feedback in a positive way, and bring enthusiasm and positive energy to the team.  These are attributes that you will not find on a resume, however through our personal interview process we will uncover them.
Test-drive the candidate for 6 months though Placement Services. 
There’s no better way to know if an individual is going be successful in a particular job or a valuable member of your team than actually testing them in the position. With our Placement Services program you can do just that without all the red tape of going through your own Human Resources department.  This option saves your company from paying hefty finders fees as well as the costs of paying benefits during the assessment period.  If a consultant is deemed a good fit, after six months you can hire them directly without being charged the typical placement fee.

Need help finding an IT professional

Creative Options of DC can begin the search for you today. You can start by completing our Talent Request Form or by emailing or calling 703-294-4800.