Job Listings that Attract the Right Talent

Writing a job listing may seem simple task. Create a description of the position you are looking to hire and include a list of the skills and experience you require and you’re done, right? Well, not exactly.  When you are looking to attract a superstar who not only has the expertise required who will also fit in with your organization’s culture, you need to spend more time crafting your job listing.  Follow our tips below to develop job listings that will stand out from your competitors and win the attention of talented professionals who are searching for job opportunities.

  1. The position description should include:
    • Specifics about the daily job duties as well as the general oversight required long term.
    • Who this person would interact with on a regular basis and/or manage both internally and externally.
    • A description of the team the individual would join if hired. Include details such as the name of the team, size, how often you meet, work-pace, etc.
    • Skills and personality traits that would make a candidate excel on this team and in this role.
  2. Be very specific in what is required versus preferred and list years of experience, designations, licenses, and clearances needed.
  3. Include why your company and team is a great place to work and allow your company’s culture to shine through!
    • Make sure the language and tone you use reflects your organization and culture.
    • Be sure to talk about what makes your company and it’s culture unique. This can include things like company values, office atmosphere, employee perks, and community or charitable efforts.
  4. Make sure your listing is visually interesting and not just a series of long paragraphs.
    • Include headlines for sections and bullet points for lists. This will make it easier to read and for important points to stand out.
    • Include photos if you can – either of the team, office environment, or a company outing.
  5. Always include the salary information and be specific. Include bonuses or commissions if applicable and how they are earned. This saves time for both sides, especially during salary negotiations.

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you need assistance finding top talent for your team, you can get started right here.